Colonial Virginia Corner Cupboard / Bookcase




Built by a highly skilled craftsman, this case is 7 feet 3 inches tall, 65 inches wide, and 29 inches deep. The piece is constructed entirely of southern yellow pine and made of clear knot free wide boards. The layered moldings, columns and dental work are fitted perfectly, by someone with a lot of training. The mullions in the glass doors are positioned so the interior shelves are not seen. It appears to be built for a library or an office. The top two shelves have dark rectangular stains from many books. The robins egg blue paint is the most recent layer, probably painted in the Victorian times, 130 to 140 years ago. The original interior paint was a salmon color and then a dark grey. The exterior color appears to have been white. The paint is old and flaking, and it is up to the next owner to decide what color it should be.

The original hinges are intact but the upper case hinges have replaced screws. The 2 original deadbolts for the top and bottom doors are in place. The 2 door locks have been replaced, On its side it is 45 inches wide, so most probably was in a building with double doors, that had an opening of 45 inches or greater.

There is an oral history with this case, that it was in an office used by James Madison. I can not verify this story, but am still trying to contact the original purchaser. He and his wife are said to have bought the case over 50 years ago, in Virginia, and had it shipped north to Connecticut. The purchaser will be responsible for picking up and transporting.


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