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Fittingly for an antique shop owner, Matthew Corcoran has a long history with Amherst. His family moved to the town when he was 12 years old, and he’s lived here ever since.

Matthew’s personal history with antiques dates back to 1965, when he started digging to search for old bottles. Just two years later, he had his first major find – a huge pile of 214 Cooly Blacking bottles, made in Willington, CT in 1840. He sold the bottles for $25 apiece, earning more money than his parent’s house was worth – not bad for a seventh grader!

Through high school, Matthew operated a mail-order business for old bottles advertised in the aptly titled Old Bottle Magazine. His hobby quickly turned into a thriving business, and Matthew has been buying and selling furniture, silver, glassware, and other high quality antiques ever since.

Nowadays, Matthew has swapped his mail-order bottle business for a store conveniently located in North Amherst – just 300 yards from where he grew up!

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